Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort


A brand-new luxury resort in Crete with big aspirations and an even bigger heart.

NUMO is an adult's-only seaside resort that aims to showcase Ierapetra, a lesser known part of southern Crete, through a modern lens. In a sun-drenched, beachfront location surrounded by evergreen gardens, we are a barefoot luxury resort offering a new take on escapism with earthy design touches and serene ambience. Private swimming pools and cozy terraces complete an intimate scene where relaxation and sophisticated design become one. At the same time, the upbeat vibes coming from the beach area add a cool touch of fun to the whole holiday mix.

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In a stunning sea-front location blessed with beautiful surroundings, all we had to do was allow nature to show the way for the design of our rooms and suites. Earthy and with a punch of freshness, our color palette was inspired by the light grey tones of the beach sand and the gentle greens of the native tamarisk trees that adorn our neighborhood.

With sizes ranging from cozy to super spacious, all rooms feature furniture that is relaxed and multipurpose, adding various clever touches to enhance your stay. Soft fabrics and tactile materials make all surfaces feel good to the touch, warmly inviting you to walk around barefoot.

Connecting the inside with outside is another integral part of your dreamy Cretan holiday experience at NUMO. With a thoughtful design that offers the smoothest, most enjoyable transitions between the bedrooms and the outdoor living areas, you’re just a few steps away from your private pool. Everything is designed to make your life easy and carefree. Welcome to your new home away from Cretan home!



Local. Familiar. Yet fresh, and with a tasty twist of unexpectedness. For us, food is a ritual that brings families, couples and friends together, and everything should be appreciated at a slow, delightful pace.

Paying homage to our Cretan roots and the raw ingredients that come from this blessed place called Ierapetra, we have artfully mixed the island’s recipes with Mediterranean elements to create a modern culinary language that will appeal to all your senses.

Our chef and his team have ensured that every dish has received all the TLC (tenderness, love and care) needed before it’s served to you, while cool little concepts like the pop-up fisherman’s corner add the final touches to a perfect dinner setting in front of the beach.


Theme restaurant with contemporary Cretan cuisine


An all-day restaurant with fresh fish and fine meats


As for the drinks, you will discover a selection that's perfect for any time of the day, from dawn till dusk – and every special moment in between. We’ve got it all, from power-boosting smoothies to kickstart your day to the perfect rose wine, handpicked from Crete’s finest wineries, to go with your lunch by the Cretan seaside. And when the night falls, don’t forget to order a cocktail that’s pure chilled perfection. Served in the sexiest Martini glass available, you’ll finish a summer day well spent by the beach, enjoying the breeze of the sea and the soothing sound of the waves.


Our bar by the lobby


The pool and beach bar offering signature cocktails and more


When you are on holiday, your priorities change. Every moment is an opportunity to be pampered and do something that feels good to your body and soul. The desire to let everything go and become one with nature is simply irresistible. As we understand this very well, we’ve created a wellness experience that anticipates all your needs. From relaxing, soul-soothing massages to invigorating beauty therapy sessions to make you feel brand new, we’ve got you covered (in the finest massage oils possible).

And to keep you always in motion, we have created an ultramodern outdoor gym, ideal for intense trainings or meditating sessions. Surrounded by an evergreen garden, nature and nurture blend together seamlessly in our fitness center.



Feeling adventurous or more laidback? Into culture or gastronomy? Can’t stay away from the water? Whichever experience you’re looking for, in Crete, you’ll most likely find it in Ierapetra.

Discover the magical world beneath the sea! 

The Underwater Gallery at Numo is an innovative concept of an Art Gallery that expands throughout the hotel and offers products and services that allow guests to connect with, explore and experience the Art in a unique and immersive way.  Enjoy Art Gallery & Wellness Events, the gallery presents the artwork of Stefanos Kontos and hosts the projects of On a single breath! The Premium Diving center, the “Gallery divers” and the Yachting & Cruise experiences and packages by Blue label cruises. 

Immerse yourself into the rich cultural heritage of the area during the Kyrvia festival that takes place every year at the fortress of Kales. Or capture every moment of your holiday through your own lens, at private photography lessons and more!


Offering the most hours of sunshine and the lowest rainfall in all of Greece annually, Ierapetra truly is a year-round destination that must be explored by car, foot or bike!

The last city in the southern end of Europe, its name comes from the words “ieros” (i.e. holly) and “petra” (i.e. stone). Originally named Kyrva, it played a significant role in ancient times and the influences of the Venetian and Ottoman siege left their mark in the area.

This charming spot of rich Cretan history will be your foothold to countless adventures based on your desires. From the stunning vistas of Sarakina gorge to the endless green of Selakano forest and the turquoise waters of islet Chrissi, there’s a little something for everyone. Don’t forget to enjoy the countless, stunningly beautiful Blue Flag-awarded beaches such as Agia Fotia, Koutsounari and Ferma.